Discover the Green Heart of Holland, a typical Dutch nature area with windmills, cows, cheese, farms and traditional crafts. Visit its picturesque villages, enjoy its vast nature reserves and its leisure lakes, which are ideal for water sports.

  • Lively history

    The green heart region knows a lively history. Like the fortified cities Oudewater and Fort Wierickerschans which were part of the old Hollandse waterline 350 years ago. Discover the origin of the nickname for Schoonhoven which is the silver city during your visit to this city. The craft of blowing glass throughout history can be seen in Leerdam. Walk through the bustling cheese market in Gouda and be impressed by the stained-glass windows in the Sint Jans church. The windmills in Kinderdijk turn to keep our feet dry and visit castle the Haar to feel like a true lord. Interested in hunters and gatherers? Museum Archeon literally brings them to life.

  • Taste the countryside

    In the green heart region, you'll discover the hospitality of the countryside. Farmers will welcome you to taste their artisenally crafted products or visit one of the growers in Boskoop. The botanical gardens Esveld provides a lovely day out. Looking for a place to stay? Then Landal Reeuwijkseplassen is a nice place surrounded by a nature reserve. One thing you can't avoid in the green heart region is the "yellow gold". Gouda cheese is famous all over th world and for centuries the cheese was traded in the city of Gouda. In the cheese valley you can discover how it's made and learn about handjeklap (clapping the hands). Woerden also has a rich history in making cheese. In 1410 Woerden had its first farmer's market.

  • Enchanting waters

    Did you know that the green heart region holds more water than the province of Friesland? Enjoy the peaceful nature at the rivers, lakes and ditches. Spot the different water and field birds or just listen to their calls. Or get active with one of the many water activities. One thing is sure the rippling water provides a unique feeling. Experience that at the lakes in Nieuwkoop, Vinkeveen, Loosdrecht, and Reeuwijk. Each with its own character. One being quiet and modest and others active exuberant. There are endless possibilities, from an afternoon supping to days of sailing. Take lovely walks through the polders, timber quays and small lanes. Trust us, you'll always find a place to gaze over the lakes while enjoying something to drink or eat.

  • Dutch landscape

    The dutch landscape in the green heart region is unique. The different areas have their own character and history such as the area of Molenviergang and Aarlanderveen. See first-hand how the windmills have been working for centuries and take a stroll through the wet polder. You can still see sings of the peat extraction from the olden days. Walk past farmer lanes and face the cows. From Lopik the river called the Lek will lead you to monumental farms, timber quays and relaxing beaches. Interested in the farmers life of more than a hundred years ago? The local museum in Krimpenerwaard transports you back in time. Duimdrop (liquorice) or other old-fashioned treats complete the visit.

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